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The Evolution Project

"If you could freely choose,
without restriction or limit,
what future would you be proud to hand on to your children?
And to their children, and to the generations which follow?"

"But what would you like?
"Better still, what would you love?"
- Eddie O'Neill

To date, The Evolution Project has facilitated 6 dialogues taking place throughout the island of Ireland and has a total of 54 members.

How To Use Our Database

Vision Collections is the emergent vision coming from the Project.

The most discussed topics filter to the top.

Click to expand and explore each topic.

Vision Collections

Community of like minded people

Dialogues: 5 (83%)

Education which develops peoples skills and talents in line with nature and natural law

Dialogues: 4 (67%)

An holistic health system

Dialogues: 3 (50%)

Spiritual truth

Dialogues: 2 (33%)

To be able to travel freely in the world without restrictions

Dialogues: 2 (33%)

A means to trade outside the currency and banking system

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Clean small scale food production

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Parent led community schooling

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Free speech

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

To get rid of all plastic

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Transparency in government

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Freedom of choice always

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Coming back to nature

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Decentralized financial system

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Trustworthy information

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Reforestation of the world

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Dialogue communication

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Freedom equals Responsibility

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Off grid food production

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Effective food sales model

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

An Association of Irish people and businesses

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

Widespread knowledge and understanding of sovereignty common law rights and honour

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

For everyone to be happy

Dialogues: 1 (17%)

We see a world with:





From Visions To Projects

Dialogue is the core of the Evolution Project.

It is a large-scale structured dialogue generating sets of Vision-Benefits-Barriers-Solutions-Projects, presented visually on the site.

Vision: What do we want? For ourselves, our future, our children?

Benefits: How would this Vision affect us and our world?

Barriers: Why is this not our current reality?

Solutions: What can dissolve the Barriers?

Projects: Combining the data into concrete actions.

dream big, set goals, take action

Dialogue: Takes place first, in circle. Human interaction is the essential component to the project. The discussion continues in the forum, adding and verifying information, to get to the heart of each topic.

Projects: The flexible rubber of dreams, the Vision, meets the solid road of reality in the Projects. Members build formal structured plans of action to tackle part of the set, large or small, using verified information which has come through the process.

We need to talk...
The conversation so far.

Dialogue Date Location Title
20 2022-04-17 Muckladh Lodge April 2022 Event
19 2022-03-20 Muckladh March 2022 Event
5 2022-02-24 Muckladh Lodge Communiversity week
3 2021-12-05 Wicklow Muckladh Lodge 1
2 2021-05-09 Wicklow Trial 2
1 2021-04-28 Zoom Trial 1

How It Works

Large Scale Structured Conversations Creating Visions For The Future


Ongoing facilitated meetings explore what the future can be. The information from every meeting is collected and uploaded to the website.


Each meeting generates a set of Vision-Benefits-Barriers-Solutions. These are tagged and linked to relevant information from earlier meetings.


The data is presented visually, allowing the most topical items to come into focus naturally by frequency of mention. The sets are easily navigable, generating a live interactive vision of the future and ways to create it.


Members discuss the information in our online forum adding and verifying information, to get to the heart of each topic.

dream big, set goals, take action

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
-- Buckminster Fuller

Why It Works

Buckminster Fuller’s insightful statement probably describes the aims of The Evolution Project most succinctly.

At this moment in the world, we have unprecedented resources available to us: tools for communication and collaboration, technologies and physical resources, inspirational people with incredible knowledge and skills. And enormous numbers of people with dreams of a better future.

The Evolution Project provides the tools and processes that enable us to bring all of these resources together to build a better system. It helps people create a set of visions for the future, it then breaks down the task of creating these visions into achievable projects, it then provides the tools to enable us take the actions required to bring about those visions.

The Project is a level playing field for ideas, where all voices are properly heard and all inputs go into the data sets. It encourages people to dream big, to aim straight up, for the stars. What is the best we can be? Why aim anywhere else? It allows for very large participation and is structured to bring all resources to bear on the tasks which emerge from the process.

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